domingo, 19 de junio de 2016


I'm so happy that I have got my badge! 馃榿


1. What have you learnt from the course?
I have learnt how to carry out a successful eTwinning project.

2. What are the positive aspects of the Mooc?
The most positive aspect of this Mooc is that I have learnt how to use new ICT tools.

3. What are the negative aspects of the Mooc?
I haven't seen any negative aspects.

4. What would you suggest to improve it?
Apart from the badge, it would be a good idea to get some credits after finishing the course.

s谩bado, 18 de junio de 2016

domingo, 12 de junio de 2016


Before starting with the collaborative activities, each student is going to introduce himself/herself by recording a short video using an application called Zoobe (, so that the peers from their partner school can meet them.

To begin with the first collaborative activity, the teachers from both schools are going to use the chat on Twinspace to talk about the progress of the project. They are going to make mixed nationality groups by writing the members' names on Twinspace.

In addition, each group is going to use an application called Meeting Words
( in order to agree on the strips they are going to write on the comic.

Furthermore, each team is going to have a coordinator who is going to be in charge of writing the strips on Pixton (

To sum up, the final product (The Twincamp comic) is going to be published on a blog created by the teachers from both partner schools using Blogger (


In order to evaluate the previous objectives, each group is going to fill out a rubric that has already been created by the teachers from both partner schools:


Learn to work in groups.

I don't collaborate with my group. I get along with my group. I organize my group.
Improve my reading, writing and oral skills.

I haven't improved my reading, writing and oral skills at all. I have quite improved my reading, writing and oral skills. I have improved my reading, writing and oral skills a lot.
Develop digital key competence.

I don't feel confident using ICT tools. I fancy using ICT tools. I love using ICT tools.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016


What needs or areas of improvement and learning have I detected in my teaching?

  • I think I should do more activities to improve my students' oral communication and I reckon that eTwinning is a great tool to do so. Last year, I took part in a project with a Polish school and my students really enjoyed the experience.

What projects have I found that might help me?

  • I have been looking at different eTwinning projects and I have found one called 'Getting closer' very interesting. In this great project, the children compete in different games during the whole school while they travel virtually. 

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016


Hi! I'm doing an open eTwinning course and I'd like to tell you what eTwinning means to me. 

I signed on it two years ago and I think that it's a great tool to get in touch with other European schools. 

It's a nice way to work on different projects and it helps our students to develop their creativity and imagination.